Due to the development of information technology, the Hong Kong market is greatly influenced by different cultures.  Most of the fashion brands in local market are imported from the West. Therefore, some of their designs and cuttings are not fit for Hong Kong people.  In view of this, the founder opened the first shop as a local brand for youths in Hong Kong in December 2001. After years of continuous efforts, “mastermind production ” (mastermind production international limited) evolved from their first store, becoming a household name having branches all over Hong Kong and China now. 


The products include shirts, pants, bags, wallets, accessories etc… with great varieties of unique and trendy design and comfortable cutting; they gain popularity among the youths.Though“mastermind production ” (mastermind production international limited)has to face many difficulties due to the limitation of resources, it still maintains its principle of producing high quality products from design,tailoring, the use of materials, down to the choosing of a button. The sincerity of quickly makes it to occupy a seat in the young local fashion trend.