“mastermind production” (mastermind production international limited) is a Hong Kong trendy fashion design brand , it represented by a three-dimensional cube, has gradually developed into a popular chain store among the youths since its establishment in December 2001.  It fills with will and challenges, dedicating many efforts to design creative products.


“mastermind production” (mastermind production international limited) means master of ideas.  The founder had drawn this concept into the fashion industry, hoping that youths can create and lead the trend by their own ways of thinking instead of being led by the trend.  The 3D logo is built up by seven small cubes, which you will see both concave and convex sides in the cube.  This signify that things can by viewed or understood from different angles, just as fashion also has potential of different variations, stimulating the infinity of creativity.





In the future, “mastermind production” (mastermind production international limited) will make every effort to improve itself, enhancing the quality and design of products, shop and staff, in order to provide you with the best quality of services and products.  Besides fashion, it gradually open up in developing trendy accessories and household goods, so to enhance the enjoyment of life.


In addition to the market of Hong Kong, it realizes the taste and condition of China and Southeast Asia is similar to Hong Kong, So, the first China the first shop was opened in Guangzhou on 2005 .For enhancing business relationships with China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, “mastermind production” (mastermind production international limited) will concentrate to open up overseas market in order to lead in the concept and the local culture to the rest of the world so to stimulate the idea of infinite creativity.